Ab Circle Pro Review

Both women and men who want to reduce their belly fat or just get more toned overall are now resorting to a variety of ab workouts and fat loss procedures. A popular fitness product making the rounds these days is Ab Circle Pro. You’ve seen the commercials I bet. But the question is – does it work? While many people claim that it is, indeed, effective, it is always good to an unbiased Ab Circle Pro review.

How Does Ab Circle Pro Work?

This fitness product claims to effectively burn fat not only from the abs but from the adjoining areas of the midsection as well. According to the infomercial it reduces fat from thighs, legs, and even from the arms. This is a fairly novel workout product because of its use of “friction free track”. This allows the user to move in a circular motion continuously. The full circular motion allows the equipment to target the lower, middle, and upper abdomen, tightening up the midsection while melting fat away.

What Are Its Advantages?


It is foldable so it takes up very little space for storage. Not only is it ideal for storing in small spaces like closets but also it can be taken in your handbag to avoid missing workouts when you’re on the road.


It is very safe. Ab Circle Pro is also made of quality steel, the kind of which is used in high-end gyms, which ensures that it won’t break during a workout. If you follow the basic precautions, not only will this last a long time, you will stay injury free and lose weight (which is the main goal)

Other Benefits

The Ab Circle Pro ships with a DVD to guide your everyday workouts. Other tips and guidelines are provided as part of the DVD. There are additional offers by the makers of this product which offer a a nutritional guide. This is a nice complementary product because you will attain the best results if you combine exercise with the proper diet.




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