Benefits Of Elliptical Workouts

The elliptical workout is what has made the elliptical machine so popular. These exercise machines allow you to achieve a great indoor cardiovascular workout that will incorporate various muscle groups, from upper body to lower body, and all of this can be achieved through a low impact workout, without straining your joints.

Benefits Elliptical Workouts

An elliptical workout can be modified to fit a range of needs for different types of people hoping to achieve different results. They can be used by athletes who are training, people just wanting regular exercise to stay fit, or someone who is older and trying to stay in shape for a better quality of life in their golden years.

An elliptical trainer can be good for people with knee or ankle problems as well as trainers rehabilitating patients because working out on an elliptical provides a good low-impact cardio exercise that doesn’t strain the joints or the back while also providing a range of intensity that can involve various muscle groups. Not many stationary exercise machines can make that claim.

But the bigger reason elliptical trainers have become so popular is because they provide a solid aerobic workout that can include various muscle groups at the same time. During an elliptical machine workout you can exercise the hamstrings, quads, glutes, back, chest, biceps and triceps. By working the upper body and lower body at the same time it’s easier to burn more calories with less perceived effort.

Because many feel they are burning more calories with what feels like less exertion elliptical workouts tend to be more encouraging for the user. This helps many stick to their exercise routine and in turn this can help people see and feel results more quickly. That’s a pretty big benefit considering sticking to an exercise routine seems to be the most difficult part of exercising for many people.

Another important benefit of the elliptical is that it can provide a varied workout that allows you to mix up your routine. Most elliptical machines have the arm holds so you can get the upper body workout, but if you only want the lower body workout occasionally you don’t have to use the arm holds.

Other things you can adjust with your workout include the resistance level, the stride length, the incline and you can use them in reverse motion. By going in reverse you can work a completely different muscle group. This is great way to vary your workout but more importantly to get a better overall workout. The versatility is a big bonus with this particular exercise machine.

Elliptical trainers were designed to provide a good cardiovascular workout. They are great for burning calories, toning and getting the heart rate up. While they weren’t designed to build muscle, they do provide a good weight-bearing exercise. This can be important for things like slowing the onset of osteoporosis.

Elliptical Workout Tips

As with any exercise routine it’s important to go through a warm up and cool down period when working out on an elliptical trainer. Plan on spending about 5 minutes each warming up and cooling down. This involves a slow steady motion that gets your muscles loosened up at the beginning of the workout and gets your heart rate to start coming down at the end of the elliptical workout.

If you’re new to elliptical workouts you may want to start with three days a week for the first couple of weeks then work up to five days a week or every other day. Once your fitness level has increased you may want to add more workouts depending on what you are trying to achieve.

As with any stationary exercise machine the same routine over and over can get a little boring so you will probably want to vary your routine. But the more important reason to mix up your elliptical exercise routine is because this will give you more overall benefit; it will also likely keep the exercise routine fresh and fun.

As you can see an elliptical workout can be a great choice for people of all ages and of various fitness levels. To get the best workout it’s important to find one with the options you like and to find one that feels comfortable for you to use.

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