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Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

life fitness c3 upright life cycle

This Life fitness C3 upright LifeCycle exercise bike has loads of features and is a very nice bike. This LifeCycle fitness bike has been engineered to precise measurements to provide a safe and effective workout.┬á It has a maximum weight of 400lbs. The standard upright seating provides a comfortable and stress free workout that doesn’t require any electricity. Yep you heard right this Life Cycle upright does not require any electricity. It has 20 different resistance levels and 10 workout modes that will keep you burning calories.

Keep track of your pulse:

This self sustaining upright exercise bike has built in hand sensors to keep track of your heart beat as well as a wireless chest strap. You will accurately be able to keep track of your pulse when burning your calories. Most exercise bikes are not very accurate and also most do not have wireless chest straps either. This is nice utilization of technology.

exercise bike pedals:

The pedals on this LifeCycle upright are really quite remarkable. They are comfortable, easy for almost everyone, they are non slip and self balancing. This is great because some exercise bikes really lack in this area and this is how you burn the calories by using your legs and feet. Great job on the exercise pedals.

The weight and dimensions:

The Lifefitness c3 is a sturdy yet lightweight exercise bike. It has a 1.5″ x 3″ nicely welded frame that will really hold up to some pressure.┬á It is approxamitely 45″L x 27″W x 56″H and weighs 118 pounds. You also have 14 different seating positions on this Lifecycle exercise bike. It’s not a bad size at all. Some other fitness spinning bikes are much bigger and take up more room.

LCD Display  and Tracking Workouts:

The monitor on this fitness equipment is not a bad size. It’s about 4 x 6″ which is pretty standard size for most fitness bikes. The menus are easy to read which has a 16 character menu so you can see your exercise bike workouts clearly and accurately. This bike you can track almost everything a person would ever want to track while working out on a exercise bike. You can track how many calories you burned, speed, level, distance, heart rate and so much more. But you get the picture, you can track almost everything with this upright life fitness bike. So if your goal is to lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks then you can track that if you want.

life fitness c3 display panel


Life Fitness has backed up the frame for a lifetime and 3 year parts and one year labor. I think this is a pretty good warranty, however you usually don’t have many problems from a self powered exercise bike. But anyways it’s still a good warranty.

Workout programs:

Their are 20 different workout and resistance programs for this exercise bike that will have everyone from a beginner to the most advanced sweating and burning calories fast. The menu is easy to use and programming your favorite exercise bike workout is easy.

Great Ergonomic Design:

The bike has a built in reading rack which is convenient for those who want to read a book or magazine while working out and losing that weight. The LifeCycle has a dual accessory tray that is great for bottled water or the television remote. The racing style handlebars are engineered nicely and provide great ergonomics to keep consumers comfortable while working out on the bike.

life fitness upright lifecycle exercise bike

Overall I like that the upright exercise bike is self powered, well built and is very comfortable as well as easy to use. The price of this LifeCycle upright is not bad at all for all the features and value you receive. This particular model of Lifecycle retails for around $1900 and is worth the price. If you want a exercise bike that will last a lifetime and keep you burning calories and losing weight then this relatively inexpensive Life Fitness exercise bike is a nice choice.

I’ll say that this is one of┬á the top rated exercise bikes by Life Fitness considering the value for the money.