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NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Take your fitness to tremendous new heights with out speeding up or straining your knees.

With its beneficiant range of incline options, the new X11i Incline Trainer lets you burn calories remarkably speedy — as much as 5 instances quicker in comparison with everyday treadmill training! Its incline/decline also supports first rate muscle definition and cardio training.

The X11i console capabilities a ten” HD touchscreen that supports 44 integrated exercising apps, a web browser and iFit Coach.

Learn greater from the review below.

Leading the Incline Trainer Series for 2017, the new X11i with 10” touchscreen is one among NordicTrack’s most elite treadmills or treadmill options. It’s the first-class Incline Trainer for folks that’d like to own an first-rate treadmill for walking (without or with incline) and for on foot with a steep slope that brings speedy calorie burn. The NordicTrack X11i is extremely versatile way to a energy incline/decline range of -6 percent to 40 percent, a high pace of 12 mph, and a heavy duty 4.25 CHP motor. This durable instructor is likewise sized for just about every person; it functions an extra-large tune and helps up to 350 kilos.

Other highlights encompass a valid-soaking up deck, an adjustable-perspective tablet holder, and top rate treadmill speakers.

This instructor is right for weight reduction and defining your decrease frame muscle mass. It also has very useful features for runners aiming to improve their overall performance. For instance, it’s considered one of few treadmills that helps you to educate each uphill and downhill. You can even educate for a specific race direction in case you become an iFit member… and with NordicTrack’s Reflex cushioning, you may turn off the impact absorption and run with a higher simulation of the outdoor mission.

The main drawback is paying complete price, as Incline Trainers commonly cost extra than ordinary treadmills. If you purchase this model at a discount though, you’ll get top notch cost in the long run. The X11i isn’t the kind of gadget that you outgrow after a year or of education. You can constantly reach new overall performance stages, and the six-yr warranty on elements and electronics provides consumer safety.


Dramatic incline/decline variety (-6 percentage to +40 percentage)
Enables speedy calorie burn
Reduces effect of walking/going for walks in comparison with non-inclined treadmills
Long and additional-wide track (22″ x 60”)
Powerful four.25 CHP motor
10″ full-coloration contact display screen with Android browser
WhisperQuiet™ noise discount for the deck
forty four exercise apps
iFit Coach enabled for unlimited exercising variety (Membership required)
Sound System (iPod-well matched, 3” speakers)
Adjustable pill holder
Lifetime guarantee on body, deck and motor
Six-year parts and electronics guarantee
Three-yr labor warranty
Easily assembled


Costs greater than a traditional NordicTrack treadmill
When carrier is wanted, NordicTrack customer support is often criticized for slow reaction.

Walking or strolling with an incline instructor has been defined as “the quickest way to shed pounds” by means of Jillian Michaels, the movie star private instructor from the weight reduction TV display The Biggest Loser.

The X11i Incline Trainer with 10” touchscreen and Android browser is NordicTrack’s most highly-priced tool for the process. It lets you walk but still attain the extreme calorie burn loved by means of runners… and it has the tune size, cushioning, and horsepower to support your most extreme running exercises too. Loaded with creature comforts, the X11i is an attractive option all-around. Here are information about the available exercise apps, special features and NordicTrack’s first-class guarantee.
Workout Programs

Even if you’re new to incline training, you could teach with expert insight on the X11i. Its top class console has dozens of exercising apps to help you cognizance on calorie burn, heart fee control, incline education or speed training. Programs modify the song’s pace and incline to assist ensure green exercising. Several apps deliver a preview of iFit Coach technology. There are forty four preloaded exercising apps altogether, all accessible thru a complete-shade touchscreen.

An iFit Coach club provides actually limitless exercise software possibilities. One choice is accessing iFit’s ever-developing library of HD video exercises proposing well-known private trainers. You can also down load a new personal instructor workout normal, honestly race towards different iFit individuals, and automate your information logging.

Most enticing of all, iFit’s Google Maps characteristic lets you absolutely experience an countless kind of real-life routes. Choose from the iFit network’s recommended scenic paths or draw your personal route. The X11i Incline Trainer will adjust its incline/decline to simulate the terrain, and lots of routes include interactive Google Street Views for even better “digital truth” experiences.
Incline Trainer Features

NordicTrack health machines are famous partially because they’re feature-wealthy, and the brand new X11i is in particular so. It suggests off some of the emblem’s high-quality components: a 10” touchscreen with excessive-definition show and net browser; an intense power ramp variety of -6 to 40 ranges; a four.25 CHP motor; a big music curler for sturdiness; and extra. The principal upgrade to this version for 2017 is excessive-definition technology for the touchscreen.

The key feature, of direction, is the dramatic 40% incline. Burn calories at as much as 5 times your common price! Electronic controls and preset programs make it easy to move many of the many incline settings. The X11i’s 6% max decline is useful too, because it helps you to recruit muscular tissues differently to enhance strength and tone.

This teacher’s generous incline/decline makes it one of the great health machines to apply with the Google Maps workouts from iFit Coach… You can educate inside but experience the u.S.A.And downs of actual outside routes


OneTouch controls make it clean to adjust the X11i’s pace and incline.

The top velocity is 12 mph.

The 22” x 60” track exceeds the same old size for treadmills. It gives adequate room for almost each person to take complete strolling strides.

The maximum green aerobic workout routines take region in your goal coronary heart charge area. The X11i affords alternatives for coronary heart charge tracking: It has pulse sensors on the handlebars and arrives with a

Bluetooth chest strap for wireless tracking.

Music pleasant, the X11i is equipped with three” speakers. You can join your iPod or any compatible MP3 participant. It also has an adjustable-angle bracket in your pill laptop.

To hold you cool and comfy, two AutoBreeze exercise enthusiasts are included with the console. AutoBreeze enthusiasts can automatically modify their output consistent with your exercising depth. They can also be managed manually.

Machines inside the Incline Trainer Series have WhisperQuiet decks. These soak up the sound of your footfall for particularly quiet operation.

According to client critiques of NordicTrack Incline Trainers, the common meeting time is set 30 minutes.
Warranty & Guarantee

The NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer assurance includes:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Deck: Lifetime

– Motor: Lifetime

– Parts & Electronics: 6 Years

– Labor: three years

NordicTrack incline running shoes are offered with a 30-day money lower back guarantee.

The new NordicTrack X11i is a pinnacle treadmill alternative for runners and walkers. It can without difficulty help excessive-velocity schooling, however it additionally lets you be gentler to your body and just walk on an incline to burn hundreds of energy in a quick amount of time.

Besides being a flexible performer, this pinnacle-tier version is loaded with NordicTrack’s high-quality suite of electronics for preset workout routines, blasting your music and getting distracted online. Workout classes fly by!

If it suits your budget, the brand new X11i Incline Trainer is a worthy contender for area in your house health club. But if the sale price isn’t right, do test out NordicTrack’s options. You ought to likely be happy through any other option (maybe the X9i) even supposing it isn’t the maximum advanced in its collection.

Jillian Michaels X22i Incline Trainer Stay Fit

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

The Life fitness Elliptical has a good reputation and it’s no surprise since the company in general has a good reputation in the fitness industry. They know that to remain innovative they need to constantly ask questions and seek ways to improve on their already well-developed products. To do this they employ the largest product management and engineering team in the industry. The team is comprised of mechanical, software and electrical engineers all striving to make the best product they can.









Wow! How wide can they go? NordicTrack named their newest high-powered Incline Trainer treadmill, the X22i, for its super-sized 22″-wide touchscreen. The new HD display supports wonderfully immersive training experiences with customized workout programming and also has a web browser. Virtually tour the world from your treadmill with a wide and high-def Google Street View™; access iFit Coach Plus video workouts led by famous personal trainers; watch Internet video; read your email and more.But most relevant to physical fitness, like all NordicTrack Incline Trainers the X22i has a maximum incline of 40 percent. It can also power tilt down by a maximum of 6 percent. The various incline and decline settings let treadmill training prepare you for outdoor activity, and they let you work your muscles in different ways for rapid, impressive improvements in strength and tone. Incline training is ideal for weight loss too. Walking or running on the most extreme incline setting you can burn calories at about five times your usual rate.

One of the most cutting-edge treadmills on the market, the new NordicTrack X22i for 2017 also features 44 workout apps, climate control, an iPod-compatible sound system and other amenities. From the deck to the console it’s covered with the manufacturer’s best warranty too.

Full price is $3,999 but factory-direct deals on Incline Trainer treadmills often take $1,000 off.

What We Like:

  • Incline Training: The X22i Incline Trainer deck has a tilt range of -6% to +40%. This is about double the incline/decline range of the best standard treadmills, and it’s the widest range of any treadmill in the Incline Trainer Series. With each incline setting your muscles are challenged in different ways; you can emphasize your calves, hamstrings and so forth. You’ll also benefit from especially rapid calorie burn — up to five times your usual rate! Compared with non-inclined training, walking or running on the X22i lets you put less impact on your joints, ligaments and tendons for lower risk of strain and better endurance.
  • 22″ Touchscreen with Internet: The NordicTrack X22i has a 22″ HD touchscreen display. This is the widest home fitness screen on the market, and it’s ideal for getting lost in virtual outdoor exercise or your favorite online programs. With iFit Coach Plus you watch images of a real-life scenic route stream by. Using the integrated Android browser you can easily surf the web from your treadmill too.
  • iFit Coach Plus: The X22i is the first NordicTrack treadmill enabled for iFit Coach Plus. Each owner starts with a year of service (sold separately). With this advanced personal training technology, custom-tailored workouts created in scenic locations all over the world are delivered to your treadmill monitor. Simply hit “Start” for your daily treadmill workout and discover a new part of our planet! You can also use iFit Coach Plus videos away from the machine; in addition to walking and running routines there are yoga workouts, kickboxing workouts and others you can access on your mobile device or desktop computer. This machine is sold with hand weights too, which can be incorporated into various cross training workouts. Some other benefits of iFit Coach Plus membership are custom meal plans and a wearable device to track fitness activity.
  • Workout Programs: This machine is sold with a one-year commitment to iFit Coach Plus. Additionally the X22i has 44 preset workouts to tackle goals in the categories of Calorie, Incline, Intensity and Speed.
  • Powerful Motor: Great for heavy duty training, the X22i powers its belt with a 4.25 CHP motor that’s under lifetime warranty. The high speed is 12 mph.
  • Wide Track: If you’d like extra workout space, the X22i won’t disappoint. The track measures 22″ wide and 60″ long. For comparison a typical club treadmill has a 20″ wide and 60″ long track.
  • Sound System: Keep motivated with your favorite music. This fitness machine is equipped with an iPod-compatible sound system from Intermix Acoustics.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: NordicTrack Incline Trainers give two choices for heart rate monitoring: handlebar sensors and a Bluetooth wireless chest strap (included).
  • High Capacity: The user weight capacity is 350 pounds.
  • Easy Assembly: Incline Trainers are relatively easy to assemble. Allow about 30 minutes.
  • Generous Warranty: The X22i Incline Trainer is paired with NordicTrack’s best warranty package. It provides lifetime coverage on the frame, motor, and deck; six years on parts and electronics; and three years of labor.

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X22i Treadmill – Key Specs:

Star Rating: 5-stars
Motor: 4.25 HP
Incline: -6 to 40%
Running Area: 22″ x 60″
Folding: No
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 70.2″ L x 39.6″ W x 71.6 H
Built-In Programs: 44

What We Don’t Like:The new X22i has just about everything: high power, serious incline/decline, fantastic electronics and a great warranty. But for some shoppers the price is too high.

  • Full Machine Price: At $3,999 (full price) the X22i is the most expensive NordicTrack treadmill of 2017. During online sales you can expect to save at least $1,000.
  • iFit Agreement: This treadmill is sold with a one-year commitment to iFit Coach Plus, which costs significantly more than standard iFit Coach. The fee is $39.00 per month and customers are billed annually.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning on Incline Trainer treadmills isn’t adjustable, unlike the cushioning on Commercial Series NordicTracks built especially for runners.

Our Verdict:A favorite luxury buy for 2017, the new X22i Incline Trainer is ready for seriously immersive exercise. Highlights include a steep incline, a strong motor, an extra-wide HD screen and iFit Coach Plus for customized training. This is one of the top treadmills on the market and its main potential drawback is price. When NordicTrack’s online sale prices are in effect though, the price drops from $3,999 to $2,999.

An alternative is the X11i, which sells for $500 less and lets you skip the iFit Coach Plus expense. The X11i is essentially the same fitness machine but in place of a 22″ touchscreen it has an 11″ display plus a bracket for your own tablet computer. The X22i also comes with adjustable dumbbells to add strength to your upper body.

Benefits of Life Fitness Elliptical Machines

Life Fitness elliptical machines are available as either commercial or home use trainers. They were originally designed for commercial use so they have a solid base and they understand the need for durability

What helps with this is their practice of meticulous testing. They want their products to last so Life Fitness products go through rigorous testing to make sure every component is durable and reliable, and to make sure all the components work well together. Their engineering department even patented robots to help with the rigorous testing of various features.They feel they need to focus on biomechanics as well as research and testing to deliver high quality fitness equipment so they have their own in-house biomechanics program. They want to make sure the elliptical workouts feel good for the user, making sure the motion is smooth and comfortable. Everything on a Life Fitness elliptical machine has a purpose and is designed to look nice too, as they strive to produce an attractive product.

Life Fitness ellipticals made for home use are all rear drive ellipticals so they have more of a flat stride pattern. This helps make the workout easier for seniors. But that doesn’t mean they don’t offer a great workout for the advanced athlete as well. These elliptical trainers offer both an upper body workout and a lower body workout. They have incline and resistance functions as well as a great variety of workout programs. If you want you can even set personalized workout programs.

Life Fitness Elliptical

Life Fitness Elliptical

Life Fitness elliptical trainers try to keep the workout interesting with a good variety of workout programs along with the ability to personalize programs by designing custom workouts. You can even save workout programs and preferences for multiple users in the house. These elliptical machines will store the data like age, name and weight for multiple users, which makes it very handy for each user to monitor their progress.

They also offer oversize pedals to accommodate all sizes and shapes of feet. These pedals are also positioned in a way to help reduce stress on the lower back because they lessen lateral hip shifting.

Life Fitness ellipticals come in 5 models, the X1, X3, X5, X7 and the Club Series. The Life Fitness Club Series elliptical is their top of the line model made for those who want a home version of the club model. The Life Fitness X1 elliptical is their lowest priced model with the price and features increasing as the model numbers increase.

Drawbacks Of A Life Fitness Elliptical Machine

The biggest drawback for many will be the price. Their lowest priced model starts at around $2,000 and their club series is just under $4,000. But remember you get what you pay for, these elliptical machines are smooth, durable and they’ll last a long time.

Some also criticize their warranty, saying the warranty isn’t as good as the actual product. Their warranty on most models is one year overall and 3 years on parts and service, which is a decent warranty, but with a top of the line elliptical trainer some expect a longer one.

This isn’t a space saver elliptical. These units are a decent size. But that isn’t too surprising when you’re looking at a quality elliptical machine.

Overall if you’re looking for the best elliptical for home use you’ll want to look at a Precor elliptical and a Life Fitness elliptical. These brands are probably the top contenders for best elliptical machines for your home gym. But you’ll need to have a budget for either of them. If you aren’t committed and just want a quality starter machine you may want to try a Schwinn Elliptical or for a step up a Sole Elliptical.

A Life Fitness elliptical is a solid choice for a home use exercise machine. It will allow you to get a full body workout, it’s comfortable, durable and should last a long time. But because of the price make sure you’re committed before you buy.