Nautilus Nitro Pec Fly

The Nautilus Nitro® Rear Delt / Pec Fly offers two distinct and direct rotary movements for the muscles of the chest, shoulders and upper back. Both movements are enhanced with individual strength curves that allow variable resistance loading and full-range movement.

Explosive workout in an affordable package
Nautilus Nitro® features include super smooth belt drives, comfortable traditional seat pads, patented four-bar linkage, classic full-range variable resistance cams and converging axis movements. Each Nautilus Nitro® machine features 2″ x 4″ steel frames for maximum durability, and a user-friendly, seat-accessible, partially shielded weight stack in 5-lb increments to allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently. The EZ-Glide™ seat adjustments on all Nautilus Nitro® equipment quickly adapt to a variety of sizes, abilities and exercise movements. The bright yellow adjustment indicators allow for safe and easy identification by all users.

Key features of Nautilus Nitro® fitness equipment:

  • User-friendly, seat-accessible weight stack feature 5-lb increments and allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently.
  • “Ergo-Grip” rotating handles and EZ-Glide™ seats enable the user to adapt the equipment to their workout – not their workout to the equipment.
  • Converging/diverging movement arms permit unparalleled exercise efficiency and safety
  • Dependent mechanism synchronizes movement arms and provides more stable movement
  • Single overhead adjustment allows fast, easy selection of both movement arms simultaneously
  • Foot pedal and adjustable back pad provide stability and comfort for different size users
  • Three range/position adjustments for each exercise movement


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