Nautilus Nitro Plus Lateral Raise

It is very important that when selecting a piece of exercise equipment for your club or gym, that you make sure to give one set all or nothing less than the foolish range of motion possible. With regards to working out deltoids, making sure that single joint rotary movements are fully possible is important to ensuring effective workout and this is why many owners have chosen to purchase the Nautilus Nitro Plus Lateral Raise for use in their club or gym.

For many years now, people have been turning to the folks at Nautilus because they offer some of the highest quality exercise equipment currently available on the market today. The Nautilus Nitro Plus Lateral Raise comes complete with extended arm pads that give your members a full range comfort when they use this device. It also offers the ability to independently moving arms to ensure a more balanced workout of the shoulders each and every single time. Furthermore, the device features a pivoting handle that allows persons of various forearm length to make use of this device and get the full effectiveness of the use each and every single time. This is very crucial for any gym because it is important to make sure that any member is able to get effectiveness of any device that you have within your doors.

The Nautilus Nitro Plus Lateral Raise is 54 1/2 inches in length, 36 1/2 inches in width and 59 inches in height. It weighs in at 459 pounds and comes complete with 200 pounds worth the wait resistance. You’ll get a 12 year warranty on the frames, welded moving parts as well as the weights stack you purchase this device, you’ll also get a three year warranty on any of the other remaining parts under normal wear and tear while at the same time been able to avail a one-year labor warranty and a six-month warranty on grips, pads, upholstery as well as the tethered weight stack pins.

Your truly giddy nothing less than the highest quality available on the market today. This is the name that Nautilus has built for itself and continues to prove themselves in the world of commercial grade pieces of exercise equipment. Do not be caught with anything less than a high quality Nautilus device in your gym because your bottom line could feel the effects. Choosing the Nautilus Nitro Plus Lateral Raise is an excellent choice irregardless of who you are or what type of gym or club you’re trying to build. He gets all of your members a high quality piece of machinery that will help them to achieve their desired fitness related goals effectively.

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