Nautilus Nitro Plus Leg Press

Choosing the right piece of exercise equipment for your particular club or gym is very important for any facility. Your clientele are demanding and they want to be able to achieve their fitness related goals with this little bit of hassles and effort as possible. For years now, many club and gym owners have turned to the folks at Nautilus who have in turn offered nothing less than some of the finest pieces of exercise equipment currently available on the market today. One of these such pieces of exercise equipment is the Nautilus Nitro Plus Leg Press.

The Nautilus Nitro Plus Leg Press is one piece of equipment that every single gym has to have because many members will want to work on their legs. This particular device provides maximum muscle workout with minimal stress on the knees and back. It features a patented four bar linkage system which controls position and angle’s of the foot platform in order to increase the user safety as well as to reduce the stress on the knees. This platform is extra wide so as to allow various the placements as well as to entertain easy entry and exit of the device. This is very important as it will help to ensure that each and every single workout perform on this device is done as effective as possible. Your members will also be able to fully adjustable seat back angle so that they are able to better target the muscle groups in your legs.

This particular device is 75 inches long, 39 inches wide and he 7 inches in height. It weighs in a total of 970 pounds and comes complete with a 480 pound weight stack. Your members will be able to easily adjust the weight resistance of this device without ever having to get out of your seat. This is important as it will help prevent the interruption of their workout and their or increase the effectiveness of each and every single routine perform on this device. The Nautilus Nitro Plus Leg Press also comes complete with NautilusÔÇÖs award-winning commercial grade warranty which includes a 12 year warranty on the frames, welded moving parts as well as the weights stack. This also comes complete with a three year warranty on any of the remaining parts, a one-year warranty on labor as well as a six-month warranty on all upholstered items.

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