Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Calf

When it comes to your club or gym members, is important to make sure that they have nothing less than some of the widest pieces of exercise equipment in order to ensure that they are able to achieve their desired fitness related goals. It is important to have a wide variety of exercise equipment for them to choose from so that they are able to focus on various aspects of their body depending on what their particular needs are. With regards to selecting a good piece of equipment that will help your members to workout their calves, look no further than the Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Calf. This particular model offers a seated position while at the same time allowing your members to workout their calf muscles with ease. It comes complete with a trailing linkage footrest design as well as a stationary heel rest in order to help your gym members to isolate various muscles in their calves in order to get the most effective workout possible. Their ankles will be kept in line with the axis of rotation in order to ensure that isolation is fully possible. Furthermore, the seat and back pad are fully adjustable and can be easily position in order to adjust for the various sizes of users which may use this particular device.

The Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Calf is 58 inches long, 35 inches wide and 54 inches tall. It weighs 245 pounds and comes complete with an excellent warranty that features a 12 year warranty on all the frames, welded moving parts as well as the weight stacks, a three year warranty on any remaining part as well as a one-year labor warranty and a six-month warranty on grips, pads as well as any of the other upholstered items included with the device.

The number one priority of any gym or club should be to ensure that their members are able to achieve their desired fitness related goals. This is why so many facilities have already turned and continue to turn to the folks at Nautilus because they continue to offer some of the highest quality devices that have many years of experience, dedication and development into each and every single model which makes them very effective with regards to helping your members to achieve those goals. Furthermore, Nautilus brand equipment are also very affordable and come with some of the best warranty’s that are currently available on the market today. When you couple all of these benefits together you get one excellent choice with regards to commercial grade exercise at minute that is perfect for just about any club or gym experience.

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