Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Dip

To ensure that your members are receiving nothing less finest quality of exercise each and every single time that they choose to enter your gym for work out is important to have some of the finest equipment available currently on the market. For this reason many people have turned to Nautilus for their commercial grade exercise equipment needs because the folks at Nautilus to know what it means to make a high quality pieces of exercise equipment that will help your members to achieve their desired fitness related goals.

One piece of exercise equipment that every club or gym has got to have is a seated dip. The Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Dip makes an excellent choice due to the fact that it leans the torso into a forward position in order to increase the contraction of the triceps. This is very important as it helps to increase the effectiveness of each and every single workout routine. In order to ensure that your members stay as stable as possible throughout their workout this device also includes a seat belt. It also features oversized handles in order to distribute the load more evenly over the hand in order to increase the amount of comfort level achieve throughout the workout. Your members will be able to adjust the weight resistance in 5 pound increments and adjust the seat with the help of a double lock in half-inch increments.

The overall dimensions of the Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Dip is 37 inches in length, or E3 inches in width and 54 inches in height. The machine itself weighs in at 500 D. pounds and comes complete with a 245 pounds weight stack. It also comes complete with NautilusÔÇÖs award-winning warranty’s which includes a 12 year warranty on the welded moving parts, frames as well as the weights stack. This also features a three year warranty on any of the other remaining moving parts under normal use, a one-year warranty on labor as well as the six-month warranty on grips, upholstery, pads as well as the tethered weight stack pins.

Your members will get nothing less than the highest quality of engineering possible that is currently available on the market today. With an industrial look the Nautilus Nitro Pro is a leading edge design that looks great in just about any gym or club. Each and every single piece of equipment is user-friendly and perfect help your members achieve their desired fitness related goals.

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