Weider C720 System

weider c720 system

The Weider C720 System builds and sculpts your whole body. With this home gym your dreams of having a beautiful and perfect body can be achieved. It has adjustable safety spotters and a bench which can be used in a variety of positions. You can sit on it straight or you can use it sitting sideways, you can use it standing or even kneeling on it, depending upon the type of exercise you are performing.

You should learn which exercise focuses on which muscles of your body so that you can do that exercise to build up those muscles. Suppose you want to have muscle on your arms then you can do those exercises which will develop them. There is an exercise chart with it which will help and guide you. And this system has a variety of features which will help you achieve perfection in whichever part of your body that you want.

weider club 720

You can sculpt your whole body with the adjustable safety spotters and the detachable multi position bench. The Weider home gym has seven workout stations which you can use daily or on alternate days or even one station at a time. However you must have a schedule for body building and workouts so that your discipline will help you achieve your goal. The Weider C720 System has a high pulley which can hold heavy weights. There is a chest fly, a pull up, preacher curl, low pulley and a six roll leg developer. The weight crutches are adjustable as each person needs a different one. These weight crutches also help in customized training and gives better results than other machines.

The pull up station helps in developing and building biceps and forearms. It has multi grip for facilitating the exercises. The leg developer develops all the muscles of the legs and hips and gives you a very streamlined look. The rolled preacher curl definitely helps you develop your biceps and ensures that your arms get proper exercises. It is quite comfortable to use as well.

This piece of fitness equipment has an Olympic Width four post rack. By using this you will achieve a perfect form and it will help build up your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. The best feature perhaps is the multi position seat. It offers limitless workout options and you can always experiment, improvise and see which position and which exercise benefits you the most.

weider club home gym

The Weider C720 System offers you unlimited variety. You can adjust the bench to an incline, decline or flat position easily and quickly. The 260 lbs of Olympic cast iron weights stand the test of time and you can challenge yourself with them. You can build up your pectoral muscles, shoulder and chest muscles using the chest fly station and you can use the high pulley to strengthen your back. The bar allows you to exercise using a wide variety of hand positions. It can be stored in the storage rack after use.

Buy the Weider C720 System and you can perfect your body. You will feel better, look smarter and fitter. This system will definitely improve you.

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